Consultancy Report on Evaluation of CDM and FSC

In order to write the report, we used a lot of existing data and 15 years experiences on theory and practical of FSC/CDM of SFMI and organizations which have received FSC and/or CDM. We have defined that FSC is the purpose but FSC and/or CDM are benefit.

We have evaluated and list out seven following findings:


1) Characteristics of forest owners they are farmers.
2) Policies of FSC and/or CDM
3) Techniques of plantation establishment and management
4) Impacts on environment and society,
5) Timber market
6) FSC and/or CDM for farmers
7) FSC and/or CDM for environment and society.

In addition, to point out and roadmaps for finding
8) include 4 constraints, challenges of FSC and/or CDM and recommend on mitigate them when plan for Benefit of FSC and/or CDM credit applications.

We have concluded that it is possible to get FSC and/or CDM credits for farmers but organizing, effective and sustainability must be concerned.

For further information, please check out consultancy report below:




DE DANSKE SKOVDYRKERFORENINGER (DDS) Vietnam was established in 2014 by Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) and funded by the Danish Organization Civil Society in Development (CISU) to implement the project "More Trees"

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