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Reviewing Business Plan at Two Cooperatives in Hoa Binh

07.06.2019 | Category: News

 There were two meetings taken place in Hoa Binh province on the 29 and 30/6/2019 done by More Trees project and the two forestry cooperatives to review what they have done during the first five months of the year 2019. Some following points were highlighted:

The sale of seedlings in both cooperatives has achieved and exceeded the target set for the first quarter or even for the whole year of 2019. Xuan Phong cooperative sold 170,000 seedlings while the selling target for the whole year was 130,000. Cao Son cooperative sold 150,000 seedlings contributing to the plan of selling 280,000 seedlings by the end of this year.

Cao Son cooperative planned to sell 70 tons of fertilizer in 2019 and they were done in May. Xuan Phong cooperative sold 140 tons compared to the plan of 160 tons for the whole 2019.

Harvesting activities are being conducted moderately as the fluctuating wood prices in the market.

In addition to focusing on business, the both cooperatives are also active to mobilize more new members, and connecting to related parties to access the local supporting programs.

After updating achievement of the first five months of 2019, the two cooperatives have developed a detailed action plan for the next for months in the following main areas: (i) improving the capacity of cooperative management and operation; (ii) mobilizing more new cooperative members; and (iii) searching for other external support resources.


DE DANSKE SKOVDYRKERFORENINGER (DDS) Vietnam was established in 2014 by Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) and funded by the Danish Organization Civil Society in Development (CISU) to implement the project "More Trees"

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