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Steering Committee 2nd Meeting of 2017 - The Synergy Program In Vietnam

06.12.2017 | Category: News

 The meeting was organized by Northern Vietnam College of Agriculture and Rural Development on the 28th and 29th of November 2017. Participants were Ms. Vibe Jensen from the Danish Forestry Extension in Denmark; program officers of Hanoi office; program management unit of three partners at NVCARD, Hoa Binh and Ha Tinh Farmer Unions; and three cooperatives in Hoa Binh and Ha Tinh province.
The three cooperatives and three local partners presented their activity and financial reports of 2017. It is content to know the three cooperatives are going on the right track. However, there still remains issue of building capacity for the cooperative board members and directors so that they could run better business leading to self-financing in future. In order to do this as well as to reach the program results in the coming time, a very detail activity plan of 2018 was developed by all participants.
On the 30th, Ms. Vibe Jensen and DDS Hanoi office staffs had a meeting with the NVCARD to update the progress of adjusting content of the farm forestry curriculum after getting feedback from trainers and students when adapting it in the five colleges. The cooperative manual was also presented and discussed to come to the finalized version.
On the last working day at the sites, Ms. Vibe Jensen and the Hanoi office visited Cao Son and Xuan Phong cooperatives in Hoa Binh, where field facilitators were reporting their job in supporting farmers groups and mobilizing more farmers to be members of the two cooperatives. They also visited the harvesting site of Cao Son cooperative and were filmed a few shots at Xuan Phong cooperative by the local TV station which belongs to the program activity of introducing the cooperatives to community.

Steering Commettee Meeting

Steering Committee Meeting


Working With NVCard


Working With Cao Son Cooperative

Working With Xuan Phong Cooperative



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