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The Story of Increasing Value for Plantation

17.05.2016 | Category: News

   Among 59 growing trees farmer groups in Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province established and supported by More Trees project funded by DFE in Denmark, two groups belong to Song Con village, Son Quang commune have mobilized various resources to help their farmers and increase the value of their trees.

   28 farmers of the two groups are growing mainly acacia trees in total area of 60 ha. Most of the trees are grown on the hill slopes, which is hard for transporting. Moreover, there is a stream lying between theses growing areas and the main road, which costs a lot to transfer the trees to the main road. The two mentioned reasons make the selling price of the trees very low, only around 10 million dong per ha. If there were a road across the stream, that selling price would have been 30 to 40 million dong per ha.

Nang cao gia tri rung1   Recently, both groups came to a common agreement to construct a 1.5 km road across the stream to make the traveling easier. With 28 million dong from More Trees project – The Synergy program, nearly 27 million dong voluntarily from group members and their 400 working days, materials were purchased, excavators were hired to build the road. This work was highly supported and encouraged by local authorities and farmer unions at levels. There was really a synergy from them all to heighten the price of the trees as well as the local economy.

Nang cao gia tri rung2


DE DANSKE SKOVDYRKERFORENINGER (DDS) Vietnam was established in 2014 by Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) and funded by the Danish Organization Civil Society in Development (CISU) to implement the project "More Trees"

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