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Mid-Term Visiting of Project Director

18.11.2015 | Category: News

     Mr. Karsten Raae, More Trees Project Director and Mrs. Josipa Bicanic, Administrator of Danish Forestry Extension Office in Denmark have came to Vietnam from November 9th to 13th, 2015. The purpose of visit was to review all project activities from 2014 and to plan for the coming time.
     The team with all staffs of DDS Vietnam office in Hanoi participated in the project steering committee meeting was held in Ha Tinh province. With other Participants were project's local partners from Ha Tinh Farmer Union (Ha Tinh FU), Hoa Binh Farmer Union (Hoa Binh FU) and the North Vietnam College of Agriculture and Rural Development (NVCARD); representative of Vocational Center of Agriculture and Rural Development, especially there were three chairmen of newly established cooperatives (one in Ha Tinh and two in Hoa Binh province). During the meeting, every party presented their activity reports, difficulties as well as plans for the future. So far, 118 Farmer Fields Schools were organized and 117 farm forestry groups have been established. Through those activities, farmers were trained on forestry techniques and skills of household econmic. Based on 117 farmer groups established, it is needed to establish cooperatives to support farmers in harvesting, nursery, marketing and environment service etc. By doing these, farmers are more deeply involved in the value chain to enhance their income and improve the local economy.

Project Steering Committee MeetingProject Steering Committee Meeting

    On the next day, Mr. Karsten Raae, Mrs. Josipa Bicanic and members of steering committee have worked with Son Ham cooperative of Agro-Forestry and Environment Services, and then the nursery in Son Thuy commune. The cooperative presented their plans of following activities: supply products and services at competitive prices for members; create jobs, increase income for members; protect environment. In order to be self-financing, it is necessary for the cooperative to diverse services supplying as well as connect purchasing side and selling side so that the cost is decreased and the production is increased.

Project Steering Committee are working with Son Ham Cooperative of Forestry and Environmental ServicesProject Steering Committee are working with Son Ham Cooperative of Forestry and Environmental Services.

     In Son Thuy nursery, the network manager have presented their performances. All members have skills in producing cuttings of hybrid acacia with percentage of survival up to 90% making containers, selecting cuttings, trimming cuttings, using stimulating chemicals etc. The nursery is producing 35,000 seedlings this season. There is a very high demand of hybrid acacia seedlings in the area will lead to a good business for the group, then a proposal of another nursery for hybrid acacia cuttings should be considered.

Mr. Karsten Raae and Ms. Josipa Bicanic are visting Son Thuy nurseryMr. Karsten Raae and Mrs. Josipa Bicanic are visting Son Thuy nursery.

     The team closed their working visit in lately afternoon of November 13, 2015 to leave Vietnam.

                                                                                                                                                                          By Nguyen Duc Hoa



DE DANSKE SKOVDYRKERFORENINGER (DDS) Vietnam was established in 2014 by Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) and funded by the Danish Organization Civil Society in Development (CISU) to implement the project "More Trees"

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