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Visiting Nurseries in Hoa Binh

13.03.2015 | Category: News

   The Visiting Nurseries of Hoa Binh 01Two nurseries belong to Hoa Binh Farm Forestry Network were visited on March 12th 2015 by DDS office representative in Vietnam and Hoa Binh Project Management Unit represented by Mr. Nguyen Truong Phong – chairman of Hoa Binh Farmer Union. These two nurseries are located in Yen Lap commune, Cao Phong district and Tu Ly commune, Da Bac district.

   The visitors checked the nurseries and talked to nurseries' members about how seedling producing was going on; which difficulties and advantages they were facing to. The biggest difficulty of the nurseries recently was market for their output of seedlings, which were very limited and getting narrower while workmanship of tree growers in the Network was still low. However, the two nurseries were well supported by the project in finance, techniques and market approaching methods.

The Visiting Nurseries of Hoa Binh 02

   In order to improve self-control ability and responsibility among members, both nurseries are requested to develop a detail plan about species, budget and market demand for the coming time. Moreover, they were also suggested to make a diversification in seedling species, such as orange, lemon, pomelo... etc. to improve their income.
   Although facing to such big difficulties, the two nurseries were highly determined to a commitment of maintenance and widening their producing as well as acquire and use visitors' suggestion.



DE DANSKE SKOVDYRKERFORENINGER (DDS) Vietnam was established in 2014 by Danish Forestry Extension (DFE) and funded by the Danish Organization Civil Society in Development (CISU) to implement the project "More Trees"

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